Mosquito Spray

Aside from bears and maybe foul smells… nothing will shut down a relaxing night in your backyard faster than a pesky mosquito and all of its blood sucking friends.

Not this year! Not 2021!! This is the year we take our outside serenity back! We spend too much time inside during the winter to let those little jerks ruin our summer.

Our applicators are trained on mosquito behavior and locating where they breed and lay their eggs. We are extremely effective at stopping them before they stop you. One application per month will keep your outside mosquito free long into the night, every night, all summer.

Mosquitos are also carriers of deadly diseases like West Nile, Zika virus and are the number one transmitter of worms in dogs and cats.

Call or click today for a free estimate, sign up before April 1st and get one application free!

Got a special event coming up this summer and are interested in a one-time application? We can make sure your party doesn’t have any uninvited guests! Of the bug variety anyway…

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