Tree Trimming & Pruning

Trimming and pruning is very important and should not be ignored. Dead, hanging and damaged branches are removed along with excessive branches in the crown. Doing so promotes proper growth, health, appearance and safety. Lower limbs may need to be elevated so cars, walkers and lawnmowers can fit underneath them.  A tree can grow too close to a house or other structure and may need to be trimmed back. It is not recommended to top trees. Topping trees causes damage, promotes excessive die-off and weak suckers take over where there were was once strong branches, making the tree unsafe down the road. However, sometimes topping a tree is unavoidable, our experts will be happy to explain your options with you. 

 – Don’t forget about your stumps! After a tree is removed, a stump is left and requires a very specialized machine to remove it. Whether your stump is in the front yard, back yard or other hard to reach area we have a stump grinder that can get the job done. Want to plant a tree in the same spot as a previous tree? No problem. We can grind the stump deep enough for you. We can also remove any surface roots. Stumps are generally inexpensive to remove and can be quoted with the overall price of a removal or separately.

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